New Range

24.09.2019 Curtiss "Superhawk" P-5 and BAC 221 are released

20.07.2019 Curtiss "Hawk" P-3A and Short S.B.5 Early and Late are released

12.10.2018 McDonnell Banshee F2H-2/2B, F2H-2N and Ajeet Trainer Mk.2 are released

12.04.2018 Martin MS-1 and Supermarine Seagull ASR-1 are released

10.07.2010 Hawker Hunter T.7/ T.8C/ T.8M/ T.53/ T.66/ T.68 are released

21.01.2010 Short S.C.1 and Berliner Joyce XF3J-1 are released

18.06.2009 Loening OA-1A and Avro 707B are released

12.09.2008 Bristol T.188 and Fairey Delta FD.1 are released

09.05.2008 Temco TT-1 "Pinto" and Temco T-610 "Super Pinto" are released

10.10.2007 Folland Gnat FO-141 and F.1/FR.1, Hall Gnat/Ajeet F.1/F.2 are released

19.04.2007 Curtiss P-2 "Hawk", Convair XF-92A aerly and late are released

08.01.2007 Boeing P-12B/D and F4B-2 are released

12.11.2006 Avro 707A and 707C are released

8.09.2006 Boulton Paul P.111/111A and P.120 are released

25.07.2006 Curtiss Hawk's P-1B and F6C-4 are released

19.11.2005 Curtiss XP-87, Curtiss XF-87 are released

14.09.2005 EDO XOSE-1, OSE-1, OSE-2 are released



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Curtiss P-6E "Hawk"
Scale 1/72

15.05.2005 Lockheed XP-58 "Chain Lightning" are released

30.03.2005 Blohm und Voss HA.137-V2; Blohm und Voss HA.137-V5 are released

9.01.2005 Douglas XSB2D-1; BTD-1; XBTD-2 "Destroyer's" are released

4.12.2004 New Curtiss Jenny's in gallery

25.11.2004 Curtiss XF15C-1 are released

21.10.2004 Curtiss P-1; F6C-2; F6c-3 "Hawk's" are released

30.06.2004 Curtiss N-9H are released


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Wright-Martin (Loening) M-8
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Loening M-8-1
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Loening LS-1


MARCH 2004!!!

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Curtiss JN-4HG (gunnery)
Scale 1/72



Olimp Models in the


Curtiss Jenny JN-4A/D (early)
Scale 1/72

Curtiss JN-4H/JNS-1
Scale 1/72